Cat Boarding

We provide luxury cat boarding!

Here at Rover Resort, we don’t just cater to dogs—we also pride ourselves on pampering your feline friend.

With our deluxe cat suites that are situated well away from the canine boarding area for maximum privacy and relaxation, your kitty will love their luxurious home away from home!

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About Our Cat Boarding Rates

When your feline friend stays with us overnight, their comfort and privacy is our top priority. To ensure your kitty receives the highest standards of luxury care, we offer the following suites and rates:

Standard Suite - $35/Night/Cat

With a View features a 2½′ x 4’ climate-controlled interior room with a cat climber.

When your cat comes to stay with us, we can welcome them to their lavish suite as early as 8 am, and we ask that you please pick up your kitty by 3 pm (12 pm on Saturday’s) on the final day of their stay.

Boarding Policies

We are happy to administer oral or topical medications or supplements to your pets! Medication must be in the original prescribed container with the prescription label adhered.

Please bring enough food for the duration of your pet's boarding stay. You must provide individual prepackaged containers or Ziplock bags with your pet’s name and food measured by meal or a meal packaging fee of $3 per day (max of $15 per boarding stay) will be applied to your pet’s invoice. Canned food and meal toppers are accepted in their original container, but must be labeled with your pet's name.

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Food and Personal Belongings

A premium, all-natural cat food is complimentary for all cats staying at Rover Resort. You may also choose to bring your pet’s own food to avoid disrupting their diet. Stainless steel bowls are provided for meals and are sanitized after each meal.

Pets are never without water—that is freshened frequently throughout the day.

At check-in, each kitty guest is assigned an individual area to safely store food and any extra belongings required during their stay. If desired, please bring toys, bedding, or small items that might make your pet feel more at home. Much like summer camp, we highly recommend writing your pet’s name on items brought to the resort. All owner instructions for care, food, and medication are carefully recorded on each individual room card, as well as in the central computer system. We are happy to give your cat most medications or supplements at no additional fee.


Special Services

Activities can be split into two 15-minute sessions and can be mixed and matched. Below is a list of our feline-friendly activities:

Cuddle and Storytime offers a one-on-one session with a member of our Fetch Crew to cuddle, brush, or play with your cat

Feline Fun offers an entertaining play session packed with feather toys, petting, brushing, and catnip toys, followed by “the catch of the day,” which is a special feline treat

We also offer Rover Resort Photo Cards. A photo of your pet enjoying their stay-cation with us can be taken (minimum four nights required) for a Rover Telegram. We post a picture of your kitty’s fun antics on our Facebook page and email you a special note.

Required Vaccinations

When staying with us, your cat must be current on Rabies, Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia vaccinations. Please email or deliver current vaccination records several days prior to the check-in date to avoid any last-minute confusion. We recommend that your cat is updated on vaccinations at a minimum of 24 hours prior to their visit, but ideally two weeks prior to their stay.

Cat Boarding Packages

Cat playing with mouse toy on floor.

Cat Boarding in McKinney

Even the most finicky of felines will agree that Rover Resort offers the best in cat boarding in the Proper, Celina, and McKinney areas. Here at Rover Resort, we treat cats like the gods they are, worshiping them and catering to their every need. If your cat desires the boarding care a deity deserves, call us to reserve your feline friend’s accommodations.